Mr. & Mrs. Ng



From 香港 hong-kong , 澳門 macau
Location 京都
Studio 華結
Genre 婚紗照
Shooting date 2017年4月3日
I am glad to give you our review and I highly recommend my friends to choose your company for the Japanese photo shooting.
Big thank you to Ema mino for arrange the pre wedding photo shooting. We love all the photos and the album so much. Everything is perfect!!

Thank you very much for choosing us.
When we met you first time, Bunny san already selected Kimono, so we knew that you liked the one so much. Luckily this high grade is available and crew allowed you to choose it. Hope this kimono and beautiful sakura made your day more special.
Please contact us if you have some friends who want to go Japan for pre wedding. We will treat them good like we did to you.
Thank you so much again.

Fung family



From 香港 hong-kong
Location 京都
Studio 京都好日
Genre 家庭照・週年紀念攝影
Shooting date 2017年4月13日
Excellent experience!
Your staff are so kind and helpful.
Quick response in replying email.
The kimono are so beautiful.
Thank you for taking care of our son.
The photos are very good in quality, very natural.
We will introduce our friends to join your company in taking photos.

Tin Au , Fanny Lee

婚紗照片 福岡 日本

Photography FEEL

From 香港 hong-kong
Location 福岡
Studio Photography FEEL
Genre 婚照 / 訂婚照
Shooting date 2017年7月13日
Teppei san & Ted san
We are writing to express our huge thanks for your work done in respect of our pre wedding photo taking in Fukuoka.
Your coordination and assistance had enabled us to enjoy a memorable pre wedding photo taking experience.
In particular, you had before trip e-mailed us with helpful information, including simple language and travel l=tips as well as guidance on local transport, with the help of which we could easily arrived at the studio on the event day. The shoot went smoothly and everything was well prepared. My husband and I enjoyed the day very much with the whole photo taking process as well as with the crew. The photos were taken professionally and beautifully. They are so “us” which which have captured one of our most romantic and memorable moments of our life.
We would also like to thank Ted for his caring service provided to us before the photo-taking day when we were in Kumamoto and my husband was sick. Ted kept in touch with us, providing necessary help and even called our hotel and assisted us in finding a local clinic and interpretation.
We will certainly recommend your company to our friends who are interested in taking pre wedding photos overseas.
Thank you very much for making our pre wedding photo taking and our trip so special one.
Best regards,
Mr. and Mrs. Au
海ノ中道海浜公園婚紗照片 海ノ中道海浜公園福岡県能古島婚紗照片 能古島


Thank you so much for your reviews on thanks letter that you gave us.
This is actually the happiest moment for us in our service, it’s the moment that we recognize the couple enjoyed shooting and satisfied with our service.
We sent a capture of letter to photographer Kentaro san, he is looking forward to receiving it.
When Tin san got sick in Kumamoto, luckily I was in Japan for business trip so it was easy to contact to clinic and the reception of your hotel.Even though you had to change your travel schedule, we are happy to know you enjoyed photo shooting after he recovered.
Thank you so much for choosing us.
It was very nice to see such sweet couple.
Hope you have great day on 21st January.

T & R

kimono for wedding


From 香港 hong-kong
Location 京都
Studio 京都好日
Genre 婚紗照
Shooting date 2017年6月2日
We would like to thank you and your staff for arranging the photo shoots and the production of our pre-wedding photo album, we have a very wonderful day during our pre-wedding shoot at Kyoto, and we are so happy with the result. I will sure to recommend your company to my friends if they would ever desire the same professional services that you have provided to us.

Thank you so much for choosing us. We are glad to know that you are satisfied with our album. Hope it will be put on reception desk on your big day in Okinawa. And we know you are going to have trip to Kyushu soon. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help even if it’s a small thing.

Thank you so much again.

Mr. & Mrs. Yu

Customer's review


From 香港 hong-kong
Location 京都
Studio 京都好日
Genre 婚紗照
Shooting date 2017年4月3日


Comment 我們非常感謝永田さん同TED的全力協助、他們顯現出日本最高專業誠懇的服務、 令是次京都櫻花攝影得以完美完成。

起初在機緣巧合下遇到Ema Mino的網站、 日本攝影的自然美、清晰的攝影公司及攝影流程介紹令我們不費周章放心選用!



Dear Yu san & Wong san,

Ray Lai , Alice Wong


Zerography Kyoto

From 香港 hong-kong
Location 京都
Studio Zerography
Genre 和服婚紗照
Shooting date 2017年4月3日

今日收到相簿喇, 好靚好靚好開心, 由confirm layout到拎到相簿兩星期都唔駛!Ted同埋Nag 都好nice,所有野都跟得好好。唔會要客人追佢地進度, 佢地永遠早你一步報告進度俾你知同埋早一步提點你~
其實唔單止攝影部份,佢地連我地係日本既旅程遇到啲咩問題都會盡力幫忙~~~ Super impressed!!!
日本既Zerography攝影師同助手都係好好人,我地帶埋自己既相機去,攝影師都會主動幫我地影,個助手又好好咁幫我地拎住部咁重既相機周圍走~ 成個影相過程只係幾個鐘,但係我地都好開心好舒服^^ 重點係啲相影得好自然好靚~
Thank you Ema Mino!!!

2017 Kin Lai, Alice Wong 京都婚花婚照2017 Kin Lai, Alice Wong 京都婚花婚照Alice & Ray Gion Pre-wedding 2017Alice & Ray Pre-wedding 2017

Dear Alice & Ray san, 謝謝您的評論及讓我哋可以為您們安排這次櫻花婚照拍攝旅程。能夠為您哋安排這重要的時刻,是我們的榮幸。我哋都好開心知道您收到相薄後喜悅的心情。係度祝您地幸福快樂呀!

Ignatius Yoannes Baptista , Gemita Ria The



From 印尼
Location 京都
Studio 京都好日
Genre 婚紗照
Shooting date 2017年04月03日


京都和服婚照,Ignatius Yoannes Baptista , Gemita Ria The京都和服婚照,Ignatius Yoannes Baptista , Gemita Ria The,京都和服婚照,Ignatius Yoannes Baptista , Gemita Ria The,京都和服婚照,Ignatius Yoannes Baptista , Gemita Ria The



感謝您們的信任和選擇。當您們都同在香港時,歡迎隨時蒞臨到我們的辦公室。期待下次的見面,Terima kasih。

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